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Elizabeth Zimmermann (Lizzy) | Occupational Therapist

Lizzy received her Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences and Master's degree in Occupational Therapy at the University of Scranton. Prior to her time at Springboard, Lizzy worked in assisted living facilities and home care, providing occupational therapy services to the geriatric population. Lizzy joined the Springboard Pediatric Therapy team as an occupational therapist in 2019.

Lizzy was eager to explore the pediatric world when she joined the Springboard team. She completed an intensive mentoring program at Springboard and received trainings. Lizzy holds many certifications including the Integrated Listening Program (iLS), Zones of Regulation, Brain Gym, Interactive Metronome, and Learning Without Tears. She is currently involved in trainings from the STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Mentorship Program. Since her time at Springboard, Lizzy has been nominated for the NJ Favorite Kids' Docs in 2020 & 2021.

When not at Springboard, Lizzy loves to be active. She likes to travel to new cities, go skiing, play volleyball, and spend time with her family, especially her little niece.


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