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At Springboard Pediatric Therapy, we use a unique and personalized approach to pediatric therapy to get results.


Our mission is to make positive changes in the lives of children and their families through individualized, evidence-based, outcomes-oriented treatment plans combined with parent- and patient advocacy provided with the kindness and empathy every individual deserves. 

We believe in the power of a strong team. We seek to collaborate with other professionals, community partners, teachers, and more to support each client’s growth and success. 

What makes Springboard Pediatric Therapy Center different? 

Transdisciplinary model

At Springboard, therapists from many disciplines (occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy) work collaboratively to craft individualized treatment plans customized for your child’s profile and support needs. We collaborate with community partners such as community preschools, school-based teams, pediatricians, and mental health providers to create a holistic treatment plan for your child and your family. 

Respectful, child-led approach

The child is the center of every therapy session at Springboard Pediatric Therapy. We believe in using your child’s interests and strengths to address any areas of concern. Your child is an active member of the therapy team and is instilled with skills of self-awareness and self-advocacy.

Continuing education

The therapists at Springboard are passionate about staying up-to-date on the latest evidence-based therapies for your child. You can find our therapists presenting in local school districts or at discipline-specific conferences. Our therapists have many specializations including S.O.S. Feeding Protocol, Interactive Metronome, Natural Language Acquisition, Sensory Integration, Cuevas MEDEK Exercise, Dynamic Movement Intervention, and more! 

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