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Elizabeth Duffy | Occupational Therapist

Recognized as one of NJ Family’s Favorite Kids’ Docs, Liz has practiced occupational therapy in a variety of pediatric settings. After graduating from Elizabethtown College, Liz got her start at Children’s Specialized Hospital (inpatient, outpatient, feeding team). She has also worked with Intensive Therapeutics (helping create and provide a variety of group, intensive therapy and camp programs), and provided school-based therapy services for several years alongside her private practice. Prior to joining Springboard, Liz spent most of her career in private clinic-based practice at Pediatric Therapeutics, where she focused on treating children with sensory processing, self-regulation, and neurodevelopmental challenges. In addition to individual evaluation and treatment, she led and developed several groups, coordinated staff and community education programs, and blogged for their newsletter. Liz joined Springboard in January 2020 to expand her clinical, leadership, mentorship, and business skills during an exciting time of growth in the clinic.

Liz has received her SIPT Certification, STAR Proficiency Certification Level I with Temple University, and completed the STAR Institute’s Level I Intensive Mentorship program. She is a licensed Brain Gym Movement Facilitator and a Certified Provider of The Listening Program. Liz enjoys weaving her knowledge of yoga, dance, exercise, and developmental movement principles into her OT practice. Having worked towards a theater minor in college, Liz loves to share her voice to educate, inspire and empower others. She has been on the adjunct faculty in the Kean University OT Department and guest lectures annually. She has provided numerous workshops on sensory processing to schools and educational organizations, teaches customized Brain Gym workshops, and supervises OT students. On a smaller scale, she has a strong appreciation for the time she spends providing parent and family coaching. Additionally, Liz worked with the Discovery Toys company where she used her OT expertise to educate families and colleagues about the value of object play in brain development and learning.

Outside the love and passion that drives her OT career, Liz has a full family life with her husband, son and daughter, goldendoodle, and local extended family. She loves to drink coffee, practice yoga, get out in the sun and nature whenever possible, eat good food, make things beautiful, get lost in a project, gather people together, and be part of several communities–always striving for joy and integration in all her occupations and roles. She dedicates much of daily work to her cousin Tracy, a woman with autism, who at a young age inspired her to become an OT.


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